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A new normality has entered the world and with it also here at the Olymp Hotel. Even though many things have changed, you can be sure that we will continue to offer you what makes the Sporthotel Olymp so special:

hearty service and a relaxed atmosphere in the Diamond of the Alps.

Your safety and health are very important to us. In order to make your vacation in the Olympus safe and at the same time pleasant and comfortable, we have summarized the most important topics for you..

Do I have to wear a mouth and nose mask in the hotel for protection? And in which areas?
Since the legal regulations vary and are often adapted, we ask you to bring your personal mouth and nose protection to the hotel. Masks are available at the reception desk if required.

For the protection of our guests and employees, our staff will be equipped with mouth and nose protection masks and pet visor face protection. We kindly ask you to also wear a mouth-nose-protection in the buffet area.
Masks are mandatory in all public places such as stores, offices – including hotels and restaurants (except at the seat).

Hand disinfectants are available for you at all times.
All public areas such as toilets, reception hall, restaurant, kitchen and SPA area are regularly cleaned and disinfected in shortened cleaning cycles.
Before your arrival, your room will be thoroughly cleaned, ventilated and disinfected as usual.

We want to make your arrival as well as your stay as risk-free as possible!

Starting this season we are introducing an online check in for our guests.

The Online-Check In has the advantage that you won’t have to wait longer or find small group formations at our reception on your arrival.

You do the Check In comfortably from home and we only need 1 minute of your precious time for the signature of the legally required registration office.

We kindly ask you to leave your car key at our reception on your arrival. We will park your car for you.

We give you a feeling of a safe vacation!

For this reason, we have decided to do without guests from outside the house in the á la carte area as well as in the alpine hut in the winter season 2020/2021, in order to provide our guests with all the security and space we need.

What happens if the hotel or region is quarantined during my stay ?
The health of our guests and employees is our top priority. For this reason, an action plan has been developed in accordance with the guidelines of the WHO and the individual countries. This also includes the isolation of sick persons on site in the hotel. Should an emergency occur, a room contingent and an isolation plan are available per hotel.

All-round carefree travel insurance package

We recommend our guests to take out a Covid-19 travel insurance in order to be able to plan their vacation without any unpleasant surprises. We work together with the Europäische Reiseversicherung. This will reimburse the costs of: non-commencement of the journey, travel interruption, involuntary vacation extension and/or late arrival. With travel warnings there is no insurance. Also excluded is if the employer prohibits the vacation or if a colleague falls ill and the contact person has to be quarantined as a precaution.

We recommend that you take out travel insurance. Simply calculate the premium and book via


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