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Wellness in your room

isola.bella Hydrosoft saunaYour personal wellness island

With the Hydrosoft sauna you have a wellness island made of Swiss stone pine for beauty, health and relaxation in your room in which you can relax and enjoy yourself. Healthy, mild warmth and vitalising steam stimulate the metabolism, activate the immune system and revive skin function. The steam released through an opening in the bench produces a special experience. Various additional facilities complete the wellness program. Without being bothered by strange looks, do something good for body, mind and soul.


Also visit our websites at: www.hydrosoft.at

Wellness sleeping climateSleep healthy

Sleep yourself healthy at approx. 20°C and 50% air humidity. The heated room climate is truly healthy thanks to Olymp’s modern technology with electronic air humidity and temperature control as well as aluminum thermal radiators with humidifier and permanent room ventilation.

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