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Alpine Wellness

New ways towards inner balance


Indulge yourself with individually adjusted massages!


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Classic Massage

An individually massage, which relieves you from your pain caused by stress and tensions.

ca. 5o min            € 60,-

Mountain herbs Scented Oil Massage

Different scents of mountain herbs have a positive effect on our state of mind and body.
You will experience a relaxation through this gentle technic.

ca. 5o min € 62,-

Lymph drainage massage

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a special form of classical massage.
Gentle extensive deletions in the direction of the heart ensure that the lymphatic vessels open.

ca. 5o min € 65,-

Head-neck massage

Relaxing massage which stretches the neck muscles.

25 min € 32,-

Back Massage / Leg Massage

A relaxing and loosening massage, advisable after a long skiing day.

ca. 25 min € 36,- ( just Back Massage or Leg Massage)

ca. 50 min € 60,-

Massage for Children

Spoil your kids and make this a pleasant and unforgettable holiday!

ca. 20 min € 28,-

Strong Balance

A relaxing and strong massage to boost your muscular efforts. In combination with relaxing oils this massage is especially for the activation of your body and to stimulate the body’s defenses.

ca. 50 min € 67,-

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